LABOR RATE:  $95.00/hour - Jobs are bid based on time and material plus any applicable sales tax and shipping costs / delivery fees.  

This is a licensed (Ca. Contractors License #906573) custom metal design and fabrication shop.   Our goal is to create a quality custom metal piece just for you.  Unique, custom designed and hand made in the U.S.A.


For the basic initial design, (we allow for two hours for basic initial design) at no charge. Any further drawing/design work beyond that will be charged at our $95.00 hourly rate.


To get your project on our calendar we require a 10 percent  deposit for all jobs accompanied with a signed contract.  Typically we require 40% of the balance of the original contract price at the time we start the job and the balance is due at the time of delivery or prior to shipment.  In some cases, we will require weekly payment draws during construction.  We do not offer NET/30 or any other payment terms.  


To begin our relationship, there will be an initial consultation / design visit or phone conversation. This will typically be to review any plans and/or communicate with designers, contractors and home owners. We often request sketches or photos if you already have a design in mind, or we can create a detailed drawing based on your input and submit it for your approval. 

We take orders first come first serve. We cannot reserve spots on our calendar without the minimum down payment and signed contract. 

Your project will not go on our calendar until we have received your signed proposal, confirmation of design and a minimum 10 percent deposit. 

Your signed proposal may be accompanied by check, cash or money order.  We do accept credit card payments via PayPal invoicing.  

Please note:  All credit card orders will have a 3% processing fee.  

Once all of the above is in place, we will begin processing your order.

Please read the following carefully:
  • When you place your order, you sign a contract that is legally binding for both you and The Metal Shoppe.  We accommodate cancellations according to our progress and expenses incurred. 
  • If you wish to cancel your contract within 24 hours of sending your signed proposal and deposit, you may do so in writing via fax or email.  We will send your full deposit check back. 
  • If you wish to cancel within 48 hours of actual receipt/deposit of your payment and receipt of your proposal, you may do so in writing via fax or email. We will refund all but 20% of the deposit total. 
  • After we start preparing the job, ordering material, etc., you may cancel the order, but 100% of your initial deposit is forfeited at this point along with cost of materials expended to this point. 
  • If we have already begun fabricating your order, you cannot cancel at this point and payment will be expected in full per the signed proposal.
  • Once on our calendar, if there are changes in design following acceptance of proposals, this will likely and understandably result in delays. If there are changes in design after construction has begun, this will result not only in obvious delays, and will likely result in adjustments to the originally quoted price.
  • We do not offer refunds or exchanges on custom work except as noted above.    
  • We do accept credit card payments via invoicing through PayPal.  There will be a 3% service fee added to the total for credit card payments.  
The custom work at The Metal Shoppe is primarily done by Eric with any necessary appropriate assistance from select quality subcontractors or craftspeople. We have chosen to keep our shop small and intimate for economic reasons and for quality control. The Metal Shoppe is licensed contractor (Ca. Contractors License #906573) and an experienced shop with over 30 years experience in the trade.    

Please note:  We are frequently scheduled out 12-16 weeks - PLEASE CALL FOR A CURRENT SCHEDULE.  


We can ship anywhere in the United States and Canada.  We offer limited delivery within the State of California.



Please read the following carefully:


All of the products we ship are shipped insured.  Although our experience has been that damage is a rare occurrence, some of our projects are fragile and occasionally even a well-protected item gets banged up in transit. 

Please inspect you shipment immediately upon arrival. If your merchandise has been damaged, report to the freight company and The Metal Shoppe immediately.  If you do not inform the shipper/deliverer via phone call and follow their further directions as soon as possible they may not accept your claim and you will be liable for the return shipping, repair/replacement costs.  

Please hold the package and contents in the condition in which they were received, until inspection has been made by the shipping company. Do not return the shipment to us until instructed to do so. 

If there is obvious external damage to the crate that has also damaged the product inside, we suggest refusing the product and having it immediately shipped back to us.  In this case, the liability is immediately on the shipping/freight company. 

In all cases, please take photos of all damage immediately. 

We will do everything possible to help expedite the claim process, but we are not in any way responsible for loss or damage if the above guidelines are not followed. We will make every effort to make the repair or replacement process be as timely and painless as possible


Otherwise, we guarantee our products against defects in material or workmanship for (1 ) one year. If we determine that we have shipped you items that do not match the contract or the specifications that we have agreed on as specified in the contract and approved drawings that you signed, we'll gladly correct the problem by replacement or repair as we deem appropriate, and we will pay the freight to ship back. We will not pay for a new crate so it is important that you not destroy your crate until you are satisfied that all is well with your order. We recommend that you make every effort to report any material defects or discrepancies before installation of the product. 

If the item has already been installed, we will still honor any valid claim, but we will not pay or make allowance for your cost of un-installing or removing the item. If we deem your claim valid by phone and photos, we will determine how we will resolve it, either by local service, shipment back to us, or replacement. If we cannot determine definite validity of your claim over the phone and photos, we will require that you ship the item back to us for determination of the defect at your expense. If we determine upon examination that your claim is valid, we will compensate you for the shipping. If we determine your claim is not valid, we will not pay the freight, and we will charge a service fee for checking your item plus a handling fee for the re-crating of your item. You will also have to pay for shipment back to you

We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you soon!

Eric Montgomery
(559) 392-4460 phone 
(559) 338-0749 fax

Please CONTACT THE METAL SHOPPE for a FREE quote or with any further questions you may have about any of our products